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Golden Peacock

This handmade black tea from Fengqing County is reminiscent of sweet buttered yams and brews with surprisingly little bitterness.

Lord Earl Gray

A highly aromatic black tea infused with bergamot and then mixed with cornflowers for that extra pop of color so you know it's fancy.

Dorian Grey

The portrait of an Earl Grey that has been elevated with apple, linden, and mallow petals.

Midnight Garden

Tall, dark, and handsome Chinese black tea dances in a moonlit romance with lavender, rose petals, and osmanthus flowers. Your teapot won't be the only thing steaming up.

Bangalore Rose Chai

A delicate black tea paired with rose petals and chai spices.

Osmanthus Black

A stunning dark and smooth black tea, kissed by a touch of osmanthus sweetness.

Cocoa Noir Chai

Black tea and cocoa beans stumbled into my office like a pair of black cats. I knew right away that this would be a chai-spicy case.

Vanilla Hazelnut

A smooth black tea with hazelnut notes and a nice and smooth vanilla finish. Pairs well with cream.

Black Forest

Like drinking a cake! This black tea combines pomegranate, cranberry, cocoa, and other botanicals into a fruity and earthy cup.

Starlite Diner

For all you space dandies out there. Japanese buckwheat and oat tops make for a cosmically malty and nutty black breakfast tea. Pompadour not included.