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Golden Peacock

This handmade black tea from Fengqing County is reminiscent of sweet buttered yams and brews with surprisingly little bitterness.

Midnight Garden

Tall, dark, and handsome Chinese black tea dances in a moonlit romance with lavender, rose petals, and osmanthus flowers. Your teapot won't be the only thing steaming up.

Four Seasons Taiwan High Mountain Oolong

Grown at an elevation of over 1600ft in Rural Taiwan, this rolled oolong is oxidized to 20%, creating delicate notes of gardenia and cream.

"Yong De" Blue Label Pu-erh

A great intro to puer teas from Yunnan Sourcing! This shu puer tea has an earthy and dark base with a honey finish.

Osmanthus Black

A stunning dark and smooth black tea, kissed by a touch of osmanthus sweetness.

Peaches 'n Cream Milk Oolong

From Fujian Province, this outstanding milk oolong has an aroma and taste like peach ice cream. No joke!


A roasted kukicha (a Japanese green tea made from tea stems) with smooth notes of nuts and baker's chocolate. Naturally very low in caffeine.

Jasmine Pearls

An outstandingly floral and bold Chinese green tea produced in the painstaking traditional method of mixing hand-rolled pearls of tea with jasmine flowers several times.

Matcha Genmaicha

With one sip, this classic Japanese green tea with toasted rice will transport you to your favorite sushi restaurant. どうぞ !

Silver Moonlight Wild White

Picked by hand and sun-dried, this white tea from Yunnan Province has delectably delicate notes of baked almond.

Saguaro Chai

A rough and tumble ginger and galangal cowboy with Korean chili in one holster and pink and white pepper in another. Take some cream with this tea before you ride off into the sunset.

Starlite Diner

For all you space dandies out there. Japanese buckwheat and oat tops make for a cosmically malty and nutty black breakfast tea. Pompadour not included.