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Vietnamese Coffee, Hot or Iced

Peaberry robusta by Nguyen Coffee Supply served with sweetened condensed milk. Dairy-free sweet and condensed coconut cream available. It's delicious for the summer, weather or not you can have dairy.

French Press

Coffee By Roast House. F-Bomb, French Decaf, Half-Caff available.


50/50 arabica/robusta from Roast House & Nguyen Coffee Supply, respectively. Tons of caffeine!


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Deluxe Tea

A rotating collection of unique teas sourced from a handful of high-quality Asian vendors, Seven Cups, Yunnan Sourcing, Beautiful Taiwan, and Sugimoto. Specially selected to offer you a memorable tea experience. Cream and sugar available upon request but rarely needed.

Tea By the Pot

A fine selection of teas with cream and sugar available upon request. "Over Ice" also available for a refreshing twist.

Craft Soda


Lunarium's classic almond and orange blossom soda returns! Contains almonds. Lots of them.

Peach Cardamom

It's peach! It's cardamom! A classic and incredible combination.

Cranberry Mandarin

Tart and sharp, cranberries and mandarin oranges blend into a refreshing drink.

Pear Cinnamon Ceylon

A cinn-full blend of pear, ceylon black tea, and cinnamon.


Choco Scone

A scratch-baked scone with just the right texture and crumb, balancing a healthy amount of dark chocolate chunks. Served with cream.

Classic Scone

A scratch-baked scone with just the right texture and crumb served with cream and your choice of homemade jam

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Two cookies from our rotating selection

Dietary Disclaimer

While we are proud to offer items that meet a variety of dietary restrictions, please note that all food is prepared in a kitchen that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and gluten.

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